National Waste Management System

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In line with the efforts made by the Environment Authority in managing waste and enabling benefit from it by recovering its resources and proposing the best mechanisms and practices for proper disposal of waste in order to achieve sound waste management, and in a way that contributes to supporting the national economy and preserving the Omani environment. The authority has worked on an initiative to establish the National Waste Register, which is a digital national program where the system aims to know the quantities of waste and its sources, whether at the individual level, commercial shops or Industrial establishments or government agencies, etc. It also allows the registration of waste collectors and transporters, as well as recycling plants or final disposal facilities (engineering landfills). As well as hazardous waste storage and treatment facilities and final disposal facility. Which facilitates the process of obtaining data and evaluating local conditions, as well as the processes of providing waste management services. The system also makes it easier for investors to know the sources of waste types and quantities, and facilitates the processes of evaluating them and proposing mechanisms to deal with them. In addition to strengthening control and inspection processes, following up on compliance with environmental requirements, obtaining licenses, and avoiding random disposal of them in unallocated places.